General Mixed Waste

General Mixed Waste can be in many different states and sizes, depending on the processes applied to the waste. We have multiple Environmental Agency approved disposal sites for the following waste streams which can accept waste under the following EWC codes. Popular Transfer Station Waste Disposal streams are...

General Mixed Waste (EWC Code 19-12-12)
Usually consisting of majority construction and demolition waste that has not been processed by a shredder or trommel. 

Mixed Municipal Black Bag Waste (EWC Code 19-12-12 or 20-03-01)

Usually provided by local authorities from household grey bin collections. 

This waste is a mixture of all wastes including food waste, food packaging, used nappies and so on. 

Food Waste (EWC Code 19-12-12 or 20-03-01)

Mainly consisting of biodegradable food waste, fresh or semi-rotted. This waste can include a small amount of plastic packaging depending on the processing facility. 

Refuse Derived Fuels (EWC Code 19-12-10 or 19-12-12)

More commonly referred to as RDF, this stream has usually been shredded down to about 150mm and then trommeled to remove the heavy smaller fraction. 

Solid Recovered Fuels (EWC Code 19-12-10 or 19-12-12)

More commonly referred to as SRF, this stream is similar to RDF but must meet a more specific specification. Usually shredded down to a smaller size of around 30mm. The material must be withing a certain range for the moisture content and calorific value. 

Municipal waste
food waste 004
RDF baled
RDF loose
Residual Bulk Waste