Grade A & C Wood

Grade A Wood

Clean Recycled Wood usually in the form of packaging, pallets, cable drums and off-cuts from manufacture of untreated material. This can be recycled into new products, animal bedding and/ or horticulture mulches. It is also widely used as a fuel for renewable energy generation in non WID (Waste Incineration Directive) compliant installations. Depending on the installation, Grade A Wood can be used for the manufacture of pellets and briquettes as well as simply shredding to a sub 100mm chip. The quality of the material is essential when recycling this material. Most wood recyclers will allow a small amount of nails and metal fixings as the processing will remove contaminants.. 

Grade C Wood

Mainly used as a biomass fuel in the generation of electricity and/or heat and can only be burnt in WID (Waste Incineration Directive) compliant installations. This is the most common Wood waste stream and can be generated by recycling centres, transfer stations and civil amenity recycling sites. This stream consists of fencing, furniture made from board products and DIY materials, providing high content of panel products such as chipboard, MDF, plyboard, OSB and fibreboard.


Please note some wood products, such as railway sleepers, are NOT classified as Grade C Wood as they are contaminated with a hazardous coating. 

Grade A wood-recycling
grade c wood
Grade A Wood Chip
Grade C Wood pile
Wood Chip