UPVC Frames

As a Transfer Station Service Provider, Euro Recycling can offer attractive rebates on UVPC material offering both collected and delivered in rates. Due to the nature of the material and the volumes required to sufficiently cover the transport costs, we will collect UPVC loads on articulated walking floors


White UPVC Window Frames are shredded down to separate the metals from the plastics using magnets and eddy currents. The metals are recycled and taken to licensed scrap metal yards for further processing. The plastic remains are fed into a grinder that will mechanically reduce the plastic particle size to less that 10mm in diameter. This recycled regrind product can now be used as a raw material in the manufacture of new plastic products. 

This waste stream must be free from glass and other non-conforming contaminates, such as wood, hardcore and general waste. Therefore all doors should have the form centres removed in order to receive the strongest rebate available.

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